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W O R L D I V F D A Y 💉🌈

On July 25, 1978, the first IVF baby was born. Since, over 8 million IVF babies have been born worldwide and over 2.5 million cycles are being performed every year.

I never thought IVF would be a part of our story. Now I thank God and science every day that IVF exist. I’m thankful for the scientist who stayed dedicated to making it happen. I’m thankful to God for creating science. I’m thankful to our team of doctors and all doctors and medical staff who work so hard to make this possible for couple. I’m thankful it was an option for us. I’m thankful we MADE it an option cause at $20K it was feasible for us at first but we worked hard to make it one. I’m thankful for our support system who carried us through the long process. I’m thankful it gave us our miracle, our Maverick.

To those that came before us - thank you for paving the way!

Praying for all my IVF sisters! May you have sticky embryos and tons of baby dust. It’s a grueling process that’s tough on your body, your mind and your marriage but the outcome that can potentially happen far outweighs it all.

Miracles DO happen 🌈♥️

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