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Snickers Overnight Oats

Ingredients -

1 cup rolled oats

1 cup oat milk or almond milk

1 cup greek yogurt or protein yogurt

3 tbsp peanut butter powder

1/2 cup lily's chocolate chips

1/4 cup peanuts

Instructions -

  1. Mix rolled oats and unsweet milk substitute of choice. Put in fridge to set for an hour.

  2. Mix yogurt and 3 tbsp of peanut butter powder together.

  3. Layer on top of oats after they set. Spread evenly.

  4. Melt chocolate chips and layer on top of yogurt.

  5. Place peanuts on top as desired.

  6. Set in fridge overnight and enjoy the next day!

Notes - if you want to consume less carbs, mix 1 cup of milk substitute with 2-3 tbsp of chia seeds. The more chia seeds, the more thick your base will be. Let that set overnight in fridge and then do yogurt and chocolate layer. After adding all layers, set in fridge for an hour. You can also add chia seeds to the mix above in the oatmeal layer, about 1 tbsp, for more fats to fill you up longer.

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