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Protein Packed Pasta Salad

Ingredients -

Banza Pasta

Two Bell Peppers

1 cup cherry tomatoes

1 cucumber diced up

1 1/2 cup cottage cheese

Ranch seasoning

Dill seasoning

Bacon Bits

Instructions -

  1. Cook pasta according to instructions on box.

  2. While pasta is cooking. Dice up cucumber and bell peppers. Cut cherry tomatoes in half if you do not wish to have them whole.

  3. Drain pasta water and put pasta in bowl.

  4. Add in chopped vegetables and bacon bits (desired amount).

  5. Place cottage cheese in blender with seasoning to taste. I like strong flavor so I suggest 1/4 cup ranch seasoning and 1 tbsp of dill and a sprinkle of salt.

  6. Blend and pour over pasta and vegetables.

  7. Stir good and set in fridge to chill.

  8. Enjoy!

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