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Dessert Lasagna

Ingredients -

Low carb cookies of choice ( I used Catalina crunch Oreos)

Sugar free pudding mix either vanilla or white chocolate

Low carb frosting in a can

Fairlife vanilla protein

Tub of sugar free cool whip

Instructions -

Make pudding mix to start - mix box of sugar free pudding with fair life protein shake. Use hand mixer or blender to mix.

Lay down cookies in glass container or casserole style dish

Layer on pudding on top of that

Next layer on cool whip (I used half the container)

Next layer on icing after melting. I only used about half the container of icing.

Crumble leftover cookies on the top and store in fridge.

You container size will determine how much of each ingredient you need.

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1 Comment

Jan 10

Can you use any type of protein in the dessert lasagna. I cant find Fairlife protein shakes anywhere near me unless I order a case and I don’t want to order a case without trying it first.

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