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All About Ketones

My journey all started with NAT Ketones. After trying everything and nothing else working for me. This product helped me to take control of my journey and transform losing 70 pounds with no strict diet, and now postpartum it's helping me lose all the pregnancy pounds and feel like the most energetic, new mom on the planet. Made by scientist and backed by doctors, it's the only one of its kind on the market with all the patents to prove it. 


"It’s hard to believe I once lived my life miserable, exhausted, uncomfortable and like a zombie.


Then came PTKs and it changed my life.

Within 2 weeks I was not drinking my 3-4 Red Bulls a day or all my fountain sodas. I was drinking one packet of PTKs and had energy all day!

I was coming home and instead of passing out on my couch after dinner, I was vacuuming and walking my dog with my hubby.

After 2 months I was able to fit in jeans and feel good in them again. I was down 2 pant sizes and 30 pounds.

No strict diet. No keto those first 2 months.

No exercise or gym workout plan.

Just healthy choices and cut down on carbs.

It was simple.

I continued and lost 70 pounds and feel like I can live life to the fullest now.

Life is worth living.

It was scary to try something new and hope it would be the one magical thing to work for me but I’m happy I did it."


Top 3 Ways to Get Started


7 Day Test Drive

The 7 Day Test Drive is a great way to start ketones. You get access to my VIP group and daily coaching videos with tips for success. End the 7 day experience with a personalized coaching call to go over next steps. 


Start with the Challenge Kit

The challenge kit is the most popular way to get started with Ketones. This box has 20 packets in a variety of 5 different flavors. With this you get access to our VIP chat for support and coaching. 


Start with a Bundle & Save

This is the best way to get the most for your money. You get ketones and can add on an IFast to accelerate your results and do the intermittent fast with our community. Get the BEST bundle for extra energy shots. 

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